Intel Core M Broadwell Is Blazingly Fast, Refreshingly Cool

revealed premium yet lightweight tablets that ran on the upcoming Core M processors, along with a reference design — dubbed Llama Mountain. And now, at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF 2014) the company is once again talking about this. Not just talking about it, but sharing benchmarks and real world numbers. These are made available here, and apparently run the new Intel Core M-5Y70 model of the chip. Intel primarily showed off the thermal improvements that these new 14nm processors bring about. And they are phenomenal. As the images below show, even with the extremely low TDP, the performance is right up there with the current generation Haswell chips that require a lot more energy. Take note of the Surface Pro 3 numbers: [gallery columns="2" ids="69025,69026,69027,69028"] Along with this low thermal footprint, Intel is also paying special attention to the materials used for tablets. A slate that uses pressed aluminum case had 3 to 4 watts of thermal dissipation. A unibody aluminum frame upped it to 6 to 8 watts, while a copper design showed numbers of 10 to 12 watts. Good to see the chip giant paying due attention to how tablets are made. The first batch of these Broadwell based Core M chips will, however, be locked at a 4.5 watts TDP, while a higher performance variant will soon be available requiring 6 watts of power. Intel also showed off several tablets, hybrids and 2-in-1 devices that OEMs are preparing for release towards the end of this year, and early next. Interesting times, straight ahead.]]>

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