Intel Delays 14nm Broadwell Processors Until Early 2014

Technology enthusiasts among you may say that something like this was always on the cards, but Intel has finally revealed that it is delaying the launch of its 14nm Broadwell processors until at least the first quarter of 2014.

The chip giant first showed off this major new architecture design in September at its IDF event.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed a Windows 8.1 notebook from HP powered by a Broadwell processor, and announced that these laptops would be out in the wild before the end of the year. There were even murmurs that Intel had decided not to bring Broadwell to desktop PCs.

In any case, the company admitted in its quarterly financial conference call with analysts that the chip will not enter production until the first quarter of 2014.

You can listen to the call at Intel’s investor site here.

But long story short, the architecture suffered from a defect density issue that caused issues with processor yields. Luckily, this little nag is now a thing of the past, and production on these new chips is set to begin in early 2014.

Intel’s Broadwell microarchitecture is the successor of the currently available Haswell, the fourth generation Core series of processors. It promises better performance and even longer battery life for a variety of devices, from notebooks and ultrabooks to tablets and hybrids.

Keeping in mind the new wave of impressive Haswell based devices that are set to hit the store shelves later this month, this delay is not actually the worst thing in the world.

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