Intel Gears Up To Bring 5G To Windows PCs

5G. What was but a dream a few years back is about to become a reality! The new buzzword for faster Internet connection speeds will no longer be a buzzword very soon.

That’s because Intel is working hard with Microsoft and friends to bring the technology to PCs.

Hardware partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo are also in on the act.

Several large companies are working on 5G on the technical side of things, getting ready the network framework of this fifth-generation connectivity standard. Companies like AT&T and Verizon, along with Samsung are finalizing the specifications of 5G modems to handles these increased speeds.

On the Windows side if things, we have news that Intel plans to show off its new XMM 8000 series of modem chips that will be working in a 2-in-1 PC powered by an 8th generation Core i5 processor.

The PC will be set up to livestream over at 5G network at the Mobile World Congress next week.

Alongside the new modem, the chip giant will also demonstrate some new ways it is working towards a more connected future.

This, Intel says, includes showing off 11ax, which is said to be the next big thing in WiFi. And then there’s also the eSIM functionality that the company says is an essential feature for connected PCs that are coming to the market in the future.

Can’t disagree.

More connectivity is good connectivity!

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