Intel gets chatty about Windows 8

  • Reportedly, James told attendees of the May 18 meeting that there will be multiple versions of Windows 8 — something that’s in line with Microsoft’s current multi-SKU Windows strategy – no big suprise.
  • There will be two classes of Windows 8 PCs:
    • — PC’s running x86/x64 chips that will be able to run legacy applications,
    • — PC’s running ARM processors that will not.
  • The x86/x64 version will include a Windows 7 mode, that will enable this legacy-app support.
  • She called the X86/x64 versions ” Windows 8 traditional”
  • This is big – she is one more third party that has confirmed that this release will be called Windows 8.
  • She confirms that Intel has been working on this release (Windows 8) with Microsoft for 2 years.
  • Her quote:
    “But what you may not know,” she continued, “is that we have an on-site development team in Redmond that actually works deep inside the OS to make sure that the platforms, and the features, and the new instructions – whatever new thing we’re inventing – is ready to go at the time of introduction of the latest Microsoft environment.”
    She also said:
    “[Windows 8 traditional] means that our customers, or anyone who has an Intel-based or an x86-based product, will be able to run either Windows 7 mode or Windows 8 mode. They’ll run all of their old applications, all of their old files – there’ll be no issue.”
    Talk of a ‘Windows 7 mode’ has interested some because it’s an indication (from someone who should know) that Windows 8 could feature some deep changes to the underlying architecture. Leaked builds of Windows 8 have shown Windows 7 in the compatibility mode listing. [caption id="attachment_3679" align="alignnone" width="425"]Windows7 compatibility mode Windows7 compatibility mode[/caption] She then goes on to bash AMD and other competitors.. Intel is the best blah blah.. It’s curious because it does seem like this conversation and interview has Intel stepping waaay out of lockstep with Microsoft. While Microsoft has tried to be discreet about Windows 8, this was anything but. Oh well.. Source 1, Source 2, Source 3  ]]>

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