Intel Gets New Logo

Intel Rebrand

Say hello to the new Intel. Just in time for a new beginning, the chip giant got a whole new look that will carry it through 2020 and beyond. The company announced a complete rebranding of its entire stack.

This, it did so, during the launch of its new Tiger Lake line of processors.

And everything is changing — from the corporate logo to all of its brands like Core and Xeon. It is still unmistakably Intel, but it is a much cleaner look and a more subtle shift.

The reason behind it is that this new launch represents a generational change for the firm, which is why this is only the third time it has had a full rebrand. If nothing else, the gaming performance appears to represent this generational shift, in particular for thin and light notebooks that will house these CPUs.

Speaking of rebrands, the last one was in 2006, and prior to that you have to go all the way back to 1969 for the famous and familiar Intel logo.

Anyway, here are the new creations:

Not bad.

Intel definitely remains the leading chip maker for PC, even if the reality is that it is no longer as dominant as it used to be. AMD is putting up a strong competition, while one of its biggest customers in Apple has announced plans to transition its whole Mac lineup to its own silicon.

For Intel, however, this rebranding is the dawn of a new era.

Let’s see how it goes.

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