Intel Has Something Big To Announce


Wonder what could it be! Perhaps a new lineup of CPUs? Perhaps a new architecture? Perhaps something entirely unexpected? Intel sure could use a few surprises.

That’s exactly why the chip giant is taking the cryptic route in its messaging for a virtual event that will be held on September 2. The company is sending out the save the date invitation for journalists, which promises that the firm has something big to share.


Intel Invite Something Big

The obvious guess would be that Intel is about to announce its 11th generation mobile processors, codenamed Tiger Lake. The company has been teasing this new line of chips for a while now, and there have been reports that these CPUs are just around the corner.

Built on a 10nm+ process, similar to the 10th generation Ice Lake, these processors will include the new Intel Xe graphics along with some solid clock speed improvements.

Or the company could have more details to share regarding its Hybrid Technology, which Intel debuted with the newly released Lakefield chip. This is the same strategy used by ARM processors, big and little cores, and the teaser image above points to this.

Regardless, the chip giant has quite a bit of catchup to do in the CPU space.

AMD, its main competitor, has already hopped onto the 7nm process with raging success, after Intel had to delay its 10mm chips for years.

The vast majority of Intel processor out there in the wild are still using a 14nm process, only a small fraction of them are built on a 10nm manufacturing process — primarily a few U-series and Y-series processors.

In any case, we seem to be close to when Intel will finally kill off the 14nm selection of mobile processors, something that has been a long time coming.

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