Intel Hiring Windows Phone Engineers

It is a hastily written job posting on LinkedIn, but it seems that world largest CPU maker is all set to try its luck with Microsoft’s smartphone operating system.

And this is just weeks after a senior product manager of Windows Phone (Greg Sullivan) said that Microsoft’s architecture is hardware independent — clearly implying that the mobile OS could run on Intel’s x86 mobile processors and an Intel Windows Phone could be a reality in the near future.

Still, while Microsoft has left the door open for Intel to provide processors for smartphone, Redmond did not announce anything at that time.

Now this hastily written job posting clearly shows Intel seeking people with Windows Phone expertise:

Windows Phone Engineers:  Intel would like to talk to you.  If you have Windows phone expertise, the Intel site in Redmond would like to talk to you.  Please contact us at_503-544-7336. Thanks…”

Thanks, indeed.

Intel, while late to the mobile party, has slowly been pushing its weight into the smartphone market. The past year alone saw the release of several Android devices that packed Intel’s x86 chips inside.

Motorola RAZR powered by Intel Atom Z2460 chipset, in particular, made some waves.

ARM processors enjoy distinct success on smartphones, but Intel’s x86 solutions also provide several advantages like faster CPU cores and bigger memory bandwidth. They do come with their own set of problems — most notably the fact that apps need to be recompiled owing to the change in architecture.

But all the while, this is good news for Windows Phone operating system, as more and more players are preparing to jump into Microsoft’s mobile platform.

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