Intel Launches 8th Generation Core CPUs

Well, the big day is here. After months of speculation and weeks of leaks, here we are with Intel officially launching its 8th generation Core processors, designed with Windows 10 in mind.

Yes, don’t expect focus on Windows 7 here with these CPUs.

Regardless, this new family of processors is about as interesting as it can get — both when it comes to the technology, and the naming. It ranges from 14nm Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake chips to even some Cannonlake CPUs, designed on a 10nm process.

They’re all part of the 8th generation family!

Nevertheless, what these new arrivals deliver on is, performance. As the company detailed, these new chips have the potential to deliver up to 40% greater productivity than its 7th generation processors, and up to twice as much productivity versus comparable 5-year old processors.

Fancy talk, based on select benchmarks, but you can, nevertheless, expect some solid improvements across the board.

The company has launched four mobile processors in store designed for 2-in-1 devices and ultrathin notebooks. And as expected, these chips support up to 4 cores and 8 threads — the first for the Intel U series of processors.

Intel has managed to accomplish this without compromising battery life, and claims that you will be able to get up to 10 hours of 4K UHD playback on a single charge.

You can read up on more details of these powerful new chips at the link above.

But long story short is that the 8th generation is official.

And the first new devices from OEMs featuring these chips will be here as early as September. Intel also plans to launch its consumer desktop processors this fall, and is gearing up to share complete details of this new family today on Facebook.

We may even get some hints on the company’s upcoming architectures, those 10nm beasts.

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