Intel Looks Far Into The Future With Ice Lake

The successor to the upcoming 8th generation Core processors, Coffee Lake, is currently in development at Intel under the codename Ice Lake. These 10nm CPUSs are expected to feature massive improvements.

To the tune of anywhere from 15% to 30% over the 7th generation chips.

Regardless, of whether and how they manage to deliver this level of performance remains to be seen, but what we do know for sure is that Intel is experiencing a level of trouble in getting this die shrink in place, and getting things ready for mass production.

The numerous delays are proof enough that shrinking to the levels of 10nm is no easy task.

Not for CPUs that are destined for PCs, anyway.

That said, Intel is already looking to the future, and today revealed the codename for these 9th generation chips that will hit store shelves hopefully next year. These are part of the company’s 3-step Process-Architecture-Optimization cadence that replaced the previous Tick-Tock tempo.

So, basically, Coffee Lake chips represent a second optimization stage, following the current Kaby Lake.

Cannonlake will succeed this, as a new process, and Intel’s first die shrink to the 10nm manufacturing process in 2018.

And we can then expect, what the company calls, an industry-leading 10nm+ process technology for these Ice Lake chips. This second 10nm node from Intel will be used in conjunction with the Intel 500 Series chipsets, as is usually the case.

Sure, that’s looking far into the future now, considering the heat AMD has been giving Intel in the desktop space with the recent release of its Ryzen and Threadripper series of processors.

But considering the fortunes of the Windows 10 platform are majorly intertwined within the chips that these two companies manufacture, a lot will depend on how the industry receives these new processors from Intel, and what the general landscape of the PC market will be, when they do.

2018, then, ladies and gentlemen.

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