Intel Officially Teases Coffee Lake Launch

If you’re ready to purchase a new Windows 10 machine in the near future, this may interest you. The Intel Coffee Lake processor launch is on the horizon, with the chip giant here with a tease.

And what a tease it is!

Without saying much, Intel has officially announced its 8th generation Core family of processors, better known by its codename of Coffee Lake. Yes, these are the CPUs that succeed Skylake, and were set to be built on a 10nm process once, but Intel had to settle for 14nm due to technical difficulties.

This confirmation comes only a day after the launch of the Core X series of chips, which look insanely powerful.

According to the announcement, the company will unveil these Coffee Lake chips on August 21, in a Facebook livestream that anyone can tune into at 8am PDT on the company’s official page.

The company is also set to showcase several demos of its 8th generation processors, along with a number of system designs from OEMs that will be building their devices centered around these new and powerful chips.

So, basically, expect not just a CPU launch, but a look at various desktops, notebooks, tablets and hybrid devices that will be powered by these processors.

We will also get a look at the upcoming Intel 300 series platform that will support these CPUs.

In other words, an early peek at the Windows 10 hardware ecosystem for the rest of the year. In particularly, the important holiday shopping season where top manufacturers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo, bring along their latest creations.

As far as the hardware itself is concerned, we have the Intel Core i7 8700 on the horizon, the flagship Coffee Lake chip with 6 cores and a 4.3GHz Turbo Boost across all cores.

And then there’s the quad-core Intel Core i3 that we recently learned about.

Much to know about these latest chips that will power most of the new Windows 10 hardware for the foreseeable future.

Mark the dates, folks.

August 21.

It promises to be quite a day!

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