Intel Promises $399 Bay Trail Tablets Will Ship Before Holidays

Chip giant Intel is just in the process of bringing to market its desktop and mobile Haswell lineup of CPUs, but the company is focusing even more on advancing its Atom line too.

The ARM assault has left the world’s most popular CPU maker in a bit of a flux.

Intel needs to make sure it’s upcoming Atom solution (Bay Trail) matches up in performance and power requirements to whatever ARM manufacturers like Qualcomm and NVIDA bring to the party later in the year, particularly during the important Holiday shopping season.

And as far as its plans for the holidays are concerned, Intel has made a promise on Twitter, saying that it hopes to see 2-in-1 tablet/ultrathin notebook devices out in time for the holidays:

“Bay Trail quad core Atom #2in1 tablets coming this holiday starting at $399.”

The $399 price point is interesting — not quite in line with the $199 dream, but close enough.

Besides laptops retailing at $200 price points will not really have a high-end feature set. Convertible devices at this price range can probably throw in a touchscreen, but visual and computing performance on these devices would probably be limited.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Are you guys game for convertible tablet/notebook hybrids that offer full Windows 8 support for $400? Or a Windows RT 8.1 device is more up your alley? Do comment.

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