Intel Raptor Lake launch dates leak

August 30, 2022

Perfect timing! Earlier today, AMD unveiled its Ryzen 7000 series of desktop processors. These are headlined by the 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 7950X, a chip claimed to be over 50% faster than the preceding 5950X.

AMD also claims that it is more than 60% faster than Intel Alder Lake Core i9 12900K.

Not one to be left behind, Intel is working hard on its own 13th-generation Raptor Lake desktop processors, which it plans to bring to market right around the time AMD unleashes its wares. These new chips will not just have to shine but also do so at enticing price points.

Long gone are the days when Intel was the dominant king of the hill in these parts!

Good thing, then, that leaked performance numbers already show impressive performance gains for the upcoming line of processors.

But if you are wondering when exactly Raptor Lake will be out, a new leak today suggests when the chips may become available for purchase.

The formal announcement is expected at the Intel Innovation event on September 27-28 this year. However, an internal Intel presentation slide that discusses the Go to Market (GTM) strategy for Raptor Lake has been leaked.


Intel Raptor Lake Launch Leak

A fine Twitter user by the name of wxnod shared this photo, where Raptor Lake is referred to as RPL to keep things short and convenient.

Well, it appears that things will be kept short and convenient with the launch as well. That’s because the flagship Core i9 13900K and similar SKUs will be out the door first on September 28. The Core i7 and Core i5 series SKUs on October 13 will follow this.

And so on, and so forth.

Full details will likely be provided next month at the Innovation event.

Interestingly, this is very much the same time frame that AMD has reserved for its Ryzen 7000 series. These processors, too, are scheduled to become available from September 27 onwards, starting with the Ryzen 9 7950X, which will compete against the Core i9 13900K.

Mark your calendar, folks, for the end of September for this clash of the titans!

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