Intel Ready To Showcase Bay Trail CPUs And Tablets At IDF 2013

If there is one product carrying the Intel logo that tablet makers have really warned up to in recent times, it is Bay Trail-T, the codename of the chip giant’s upcoming collection of central processing units.

Tablet manufacturers large and small have expressed their desires to use the platform in their upcoming models, and the buzz these new processors are generating is many times what the previous generation of these low powered chips had raked up.

And now, Intel is ready to hype up its upcoming platform even more.

According to a new report, the chip giant is readying this particular CPU lineup, and plans to showcase the silicon during IDF 2013. Both the processors and tablets based on it will be on display.

For those of you keeping an eye on the event, the Intel Developer Forum conference is set take place in San Francisco this year, from September 10 to September 12, 2013.

The chip giant is facing intense competition from ARM-based Android solutions, and with this new generation of processors, Intel hopes to gain somewhat of an equal footing against these slates.

The company has also expressed its desire to see Microsoft drop the Windows 8.1 licensing fees for Windows based tablets to build and sustain some momentum.

Anyway, we should have more on the Pentium N3510 and Celeron N2910/N2810/N2805 chips when they finally show up at the event.

And while mass production of these chips is started to get underway very soon, products will only arrive between November and December — a bit of a close call when you consider the holiday shopping season will soon be upon us.

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