Intel Said To Be Working On Kill Switches For Laptops

steps have already been taken to standardize kill switches for smartphones, it now appears that soon you will have these protective measures on laptops and notebooks. Intel is said to be leading the charge here, in partnership with companies like Impinj, Technology Solutions UK and Burnside Digital. The goal here being the creation of an RFID (radio frequency identification) solution that goes by the name of WCE, or Wireless Credential Exchange that can be used to track stolen laptops. Read up on all the details here. But basically, this system relies on tiny computer chips that send out radio frequency signals that allow tracking of items at a distance. If all goes according to plan, this system will soon come bundled into Intel system-on-chip solutions. Burnside Digital is developing custom apps for Windows, iOS and Android. And interestingly, the chip can still be read from and written to, even if the system is without power. Now, since things are still in concept stage at the moment, it will be a while before we actually see laptops with such kill switches hit the store shelves. But few will deny that they are an absolute necessity these days.]]>

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