Intel Shows Off Fanless Broadwell Tablet, Promises 130 New Models

report, Intel showed off a tablet powered by a 14nm Broadwell chip, which represents a brand new category that goes by the name of Intel Core M. The chip giant promises that this will be the most energy efficient member of the processor family. So what exactly can we expect? For starters, plenty of Broadwell powered tablets could make their way to the store shelves later this year. Intel expects some 130 models in 2014 alone — some of which have been unveiled, while others will be soon. Most running Windows, and some, Android. If Intel can get the pricing right, Microsoft’s modern operating platform could be in for quite a ride. Let’s end it with some numbers, though. Intel is targeting 60% lower TDP, 20-40% enhancement in performance, 10-45% dip in SoC power requirements, and a footprint that is around 50% smaller. Noble goals, indeed. The reference table shown, by the way, was 0.28 inches (7.11 mm) thin, weighed just 1.5 pounds (0.6 kg), and could be used as a 2-in-1. Display? A glorious 12.5-inch. All that crammed into a form factor that is thinner than the Apple iPad Air.]]>

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