Intel Shows Off Its Own Dual Screen PC

Man, this dual screen stuff is either going to define the next decade, or it’s going to blow up real soon! A day barely passes before we get to hear everyone heading in this direction.

This time around, it’s Intel.

The chip giant is working on its own version of a dual screen notebook PC.

Yes, the company is still all about creating the silicon that powers our devices, but it has shown an increased interest on the hardware side of things, creating and showcasing all manner of devices over the past couple of years.

Many of these prototypes, and this one is too.

Intel gave a tour of its offices and showed journalists two version of a foldable dual screen device.

Intel Tiger Rapids

The first of which is already possible, sporting a normal tablet screen alongside and electronic paper display (EPD) that would be used for taking notes. Since this type of display consumes much less power than a proper tablet screen, this device boasts long battery life.

And then we have this design as well.

Intel Tiger Rapids

The processor maker sees the industry moving forward in this form factor, which opens up some neat possibilities including specialized functions like the Apple Touch Bar.

As a matter of pure fact, ASUS already showed off the Project Precog, while Dell is also working on something similar.

Goes without saying that the concept mirrors what Microsoft is currently developing, as the fabled Andromeda PC. That device is reportedly powered by an ARM processor, though.

Intel, with it Tiger Rapids project, seems to want to lead the PC makers away from its rival, and onto its own platform. Either way, Windows 10 will the big winner here, as the operating system is at the center of this new drive here.

Bring on this new form factor!

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