Intel Skylake Processors Confirmed For Launch In 2015

launched in the form of Core M processors, based on the 14nm manufacturing process. However, these are actually meant for tablets and convertibles, and the performance chips for desktops and laptops will only arrive early next year. One would think that this delay with Broadwell processors would result in the Skylake microarchitecture also being set back by at least six months or more. However, the chip giant has confirmed during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, California that it would release the first Skylake chips in the second half of 2015. Remarkable, as it sounds, this would mean that Broadwell based devices would have a rather short lifespan. Or it could be that Intel might skip these Broadwell chips on desktops and laptops, and only use them on the mobile front. Stranger things have happened, but we can at least find solace in the fact that Skylake based products will be out in the open come this time next year. Surface Pro 4, anyone?]]>

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