Intel SSD 545s Review: The Best Budget Buy Around

Intel has roared back into action with its latest SSD launch, the 545s, which provides the consumer space with an affordable yet fast package, ticking all the right boxes in the process.

At $180 for the 512GB model, this newest creation is a notably better bet than the Samsung SSDs that have been topping the charts for the last couple of years.

It makes use of Intel’s new 256-gigabit 64-layer stacked 3D floating-gate type NAND.

Technical mumbo jumbo, yes, but what this means is that this bargain SSD keeps up the performance even when you are transferring insanely large amounts of data. Most other solid-state drives in this category drop the speeds after the initial bursts.

The Intel 545s stayed the course at an impressive 420 MB/s at all times, no matter if the copied set of files weighed in at 20GB or 60GB.

In comparison, the Samsung 850 EVO dropped to around 300 MB/s when it ran out of cache.

Overall daily usage of the Intel 545s is also smooth and consistent, and even though this is still a SATA drive, and not the blazing fast newer NVMe one, you will be pleased with its performance when booting up Windows, playing a game, or working with heavy software.

Although new to the market, Intel also plans to launch 256GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities of the 545s, along with M.2 variants.

Perfect buy, this, for all but the most demanding of users.

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