Intel Ups The Ante With Coffee Lake Core i3 Processor

Looks like the chip giant is feeling the heat. AMD Ryzen processors have brought some serious competition to the market, and the Coffee Lake CPUs are picking up improvements left and right.

Basically, Intel was getting away with just about anything.

Keeping in mind the monopoly it had on the market.

But with the recent arrival of chips like the Ryzen 1200 which features four physical and four logical cores for just $109 meant the Core i3 line of processors lost all reason to exist.

For example, the dual-core Core i3 7100 cost $20 more than the above Ryzen quad-core chip, and only offered two physical cores. While the quad-core Core i3 7400 processors brought access to four physical cores, but cost $70 more than the AMD counterpart.

Now, though, it seems that Intel has finally figured out that dual-core CPUs are out of fashion, and is shaking things up at the low end.

As shown here, Intel is said to be preparing the Core i3 8300, which will offer the power of eight threads, thanks to its four physical cores and support for HyperThreading.

What makes them different than Core i5, then, you ask?

Well, it is being claimed that the Core i3 variants will not feature the Turbo Boost technology, meaning the processor will only run at its stock clock speeds. While the Core i5 lineup will also get a first, and feature chips with six physical cores!

You can thank AMD for that.

This spur in innovation due to increased competition is something that is sure to pay dividends at the lower end of the PC market, at least, as both chip giants vie for supremacy. We can expect even more affordable and more powerful notebooks, tablets and other such hardware, going forward.

Consumers will be the ultimate winner in all this, all said and done.

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