Intel Will Likely Force You To Buy New Motherboards For Coffee Lake

Never change, Intel. The chip giant has been feeling the heat from AMD all year, and is now preparing its Coffee Lake line of processors for launch, probably this month at Gamescom.

We even got some hints at what’s incoming.

But while early rumors claimed that these new CPUs will be using the LGA1151 socket, and could actually be compatible with the motherboards that are already on the market and widely available, it looks like it will not be the case.

This new information comes straight from ASRock, one of the leading motherboard makers on the planet, where a user asked whether these new chips will be compatible with the company’s LGA1151 motherboards.

The company replied, confirming that these Coffee Lake processors will require new motherboards:

“No. Coffee Lake CPU is not compatibilble with 200 series motherboards.”

Interestingly, the post has been deleted, in a sign that perhaps Intel was not ready to have this information leaked just yet. In terms of architecture, these chips are quite similar to the current generation Skylake processors, and could have been made to run on these older boards.

Either way, it looks like Intel wants to force PC users to upgrade their motherboards, if they want to enjoy the benefits of this new lineup.

The company is yet to officially announced these Coffee Lake chip, but we should have the complete lowdown on these soon.

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