The intelligent cloud is universal computing that Azure enables through a combination of artificial intelligence and the public cloud. It is designed for all types of intelligent system and application that you could possibly imagine.

The intelligent edge is a set of devices and systems, all connected and ever-growing, that collects in data and analyzes it close to where it captures the data from. Users can benefit from real-time experiences and insights, all delivered by apps that are contextually aware and very responsive.

On their own, each offers users vast benefits. Together, they provide the ability for users to create applications that are connected and distributed and, as the ultimate solution, breakthrough outcomes for every business.

Consistency Across The Cloud and The Edge

With the cloud and the edge combines, users can imagine brand new distributed applications and they can build them on a platform that is comprehensive and consistent across the board.

Application Development Platform

Provides total consistency with all programming app services, models, data services and with DevOps to ensure users have the simplest solution possible for development and for deployment. Users can make use of Azure Functions to build an event-based system that will run on Azure IoT Edge, Azure and Azure Stack.


Makes security management across distributed infrastructures much easier and far less complex. With the Azure Security Center, users can take advantage of a unified approach across all environments along with threat protection for all workloads on a solution that runs from Cloud to Edge.


Identity management made simple with Azure Active Directory on all cloud to edge solutions. AAD assists users in controlling access to apps, data and devices, including control lists for access, conditional access, access reviews, just-in-time access and identity protection.


Intelligent management tools for disaster recovery, backups, monitoring and updates, built-in to simply cloud resource management in Azure and in your edge environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, the ability to build Azure machine learning models that can deliver real-time insights at the edge. Existing machine learning models can be retrained and improved through the simple transfer of data sets into Azure