Intent Lab To Blend AI Into Bing For Marketing


Smarter marketing with AI? Not bad, not bad at all. Microsoft and Intent Lab have teamed up to bring artificial intelligence capabilities to Bing search engine and help redefine advertising strategies.

Of course, Bing is no stranger to artificial intelligence.

It was back in June this year that the Redmond based company launched artificial intelligence-powered visual search capabilities for its search engine, allowing users the ability to search the internet using their phone camera.

Now, the software giant is expanding the AI prowess of Bing by incorporating AI-powered insights to search, in collaboration with Intent Lab. The end goal being to help marketers align their strategy with online consumer behavior.

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The company made things official for its partnership with Intent Lab in a blog post, with Kelli Kemery, Market Research Manager for Bing Ads noting that:

“The words used in search queries can reveal the mindset and intent of the consumer, and this information can then be used to get in sync with consumers in their search and decision-making process.

The algorithm also revealed that when advertising copy matches the consumer mindset, consumers are more likely to click on the ad and be open to its content. When consumers use search terms like “how” or “what” — which are considered abstract — they are more likely to click on an ad written using similar abstract language.”

In case you’re unaware, Intent Lab is the joint research unit of Performics and the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications.

The two companies have set up towards a goal of understanding consumer mindsets at each level of their buying experience online.

This team up will take advantage of the Intent Scoring Algorithm that Performics has designed. It is intelligent enough to help customers identify how to adapt their advertising strategy to consumer decision making.

If this interests you, then Microsoft has scheduled a webcast on December 6 at 8 AM Pacific Time, where it will be discussing consumer motivations behind their search queries and how to better connect with them.

Check out Intent Lab here.

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