Interested in Developing Apps for Windows Phone 8? Get a Dev Center Subscription for just $8

keys to developing for Microsoft Windows Phone 8 for a very long time. In fact there was quite a bit of criticism that lead many of us in the tech world to question whether or not a lack of native Windows Phone 8 apps would be a problem or not. The good news is that Microsoft seems committed to several great new Windows Phone 8 apps from big name studios and developers. The even better news is that they are finally letting the keys out of their site and releasing the SDK alongside access to the Windows Phone Dev Center. Normally, the Dev Center is quite an expensive subscription but Microsoft seems keen in attracting as many new developers to Windows Phone 8 as it possibly can and therefore is giving new developers quite an attractive deal. While you still need to pay the $99 sign up involved, you get almost ALL of it it back with 30 – 45 days after purchase. The returned subscription money will leave you with only truly paying $8 for the fee. That’s not bad. While it would have been better if the subscription would have cost just $8 to begin with, this is still a good way to get started without having to lose out on close to $100. While this probably doesn’t surprise anyone it is worth noting that this is a limited time promotion. After November 7th the deal will end and you’ll be stuck with the full $99 sign up fee without any rebates or other discounts thrown in. If you are a developer and you’ve thought about giving Windows Phone 8 a chance, now is the perfect time to jump in. [ source ]]]>

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