Interesting article on PCworld – Can an iPad Replace a PC?

can an Ipad replace the PC? It’s quite a read. he basically goes through the categories that he used for evaluation:

  • Web Surfing: Yes
  • Email: Yes
  • Office Productivity: Yes
  • Manage Contacts: Yes
  • Back Up to Cloud: Yes
  • VPN to Company Network: Yes
  • Online Meetings / Video Conference: Yes
  • Calendar: Yes
  • Social Networking: Yes
  • Finances: Yes
  • Printing / Scanning: Yes
  • Entertainment: Yes
I agree with his conclusions at the end of the article (read here to see) and it’s obvious that Microsoft will have to do a REALLY great job with the Windows 8 tablet in order to compete with this monster (the Ipad2/Ipad 3). The one thing I have seen recently is the video that shows some of the new developments around Microsoft Surface and dual pen/finger use. I think that no matter how cool the Ipad is, it would still be great to be able to write with a pen and manipulate the virtual paper etc etc I think that is one area where Microsoft can compete toe to toe with the Ipad and at the right price point, mop the floor with Apple. Funny because just when you think the Palm Pilot Stylus/pen is dead, it might make a big comeback in 2012. I’ll post the video again – you guys tell me what you think…]]>

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