Interesting – Blackberry 10 OS has a lot of Windows 8 type motions – Video

the Verge discussing some of the new features of Blackberry’s upcoming Operating System – Blackberry 10. There’s a lot hinging on this OS update for the company as their current OS is (let’s face it) pretty lame by comparison to almost anything else. The new features are quite impressive from the initial preview:

  • Increased integration with social networking sites, including LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • A new touch user interface that will allow users to seamlessly “flow” between multiple apps, e-mails and text messages with the swipe of a finger.
  • All opened apps continuing to efficiently run in real time in the “background.
  • A new buttonless and “virtual” keyboard.
  • Integrated modeling algorithms to pinpoint where users make contact with each key.
There’s also a very unique and cool feature which allows users to snap a picture and then “go back in time” to view various frames of a single shot. So, for instance, if the subject of a photo has his or her eyes closed in a shot, users can choose to revert back to a frame captured just milliseconds earlier when his or her eyes were opened. Now, that’s innovation. What struck me watching the video was how similar the OS looks to Windows 8. The video below shows some of the features of the new OS.]]>

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