Interesting – Skydrive doesn't allow nude content in the cloud

“pornography”, “vulgarity”, “profanity”,”gratuitous violence” This becomes problematic because obviously the definitions of some of those terms is subjective. If people start to feel paranoid about what they can upload to their cloud accounts and what they cannot, they will just pass altogether. The way the EULA is written, your account could get banned if you have a violent picture of a fatality from Mortal Kombat, the best selling video game. Now Microsoft have to be very careful because setting up a cloud storage account is like setting up a new home for your furniture. Once you move in, you have to feel very comfortable that you’re not going to be kicked out any time soon. That’s the only way users will invest the time and trouble it takes to move multiple essential and possibly sensitive files to the cloud. If there isn’t some refining or clarification of these policies, SkyDrive may lose the war to a competitor. My proposal, store whatever you want but no illegal (child etc) porn and no dissemination or sharing of any pornography or vulgar material between accounts. Maybe that would work? What do you think? Does Microsoft have it right with their current policy? Source]]>

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