Interesting TechRadar article on things that need to be fixed in Windows 8

Interesting article by Mike Williams.

he basically outlines some things he would like to see changed in Windows 8.

Some excerpts:

NTFS has served us well, but it’s time for a new filesystem. Moving to something like ZFS, for example, would give us pooled storage. No more nonsense over partitions and volumes, just add two 750GB drives and automatically get a 1.5TB pool.


Windows Explorer needs major attention, too. At a minimum, let’s fix the basics: we really shouldn’t still be wondering why the program forgets our folder settings at random moments, say (or dumping the option entirely as appears to be the case with Windows 7).


With that all sorted, I’d aim to produce a more configurable Control Panel where it’s easy to display just the applets that you commonly use; simplify network troubleshooting; add encryption to Windows 8 Home Premium because regular users need security, too; and discover why Windows is slow at copying, and then fix the problem.

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