Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Automatically Disables Aero

Okay, how did this bug slip through is the billion dollar question. The issue was first reported in the preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, but it has surprisingly surface on the final public release build of the browser.

The final version of IE10 as launched a couple of days back, and Microsoft delivered the new build via Windows Update.

The software giant recommended everyone to upgrade to the latest version of its flagship browser. But now some users are reporting on Microsoft’s support forums that Aero is automatically disabled once Internet Explorer 10 is installed on their computer:

“I installed IE10 from windows updates. I rebooted. No Aero. Is there a proper fix for this outside of uninstalling IE10 and whatever other updates that came with it?”

And another one elaborated on the problem:

“Having the exact same issues: it’s not that there is just no Aero, there is no ‘windows color’ option. When doing personalization, Windows Color, it skips directly to advanced (no way to change color or set translucency rate.”

It is unclear how many users are affected by this problem, but while Microsoft has not released an official statement on this issue yet, it is safe to assume that company is keeping an eye on these glitches and will release fixes next month using its Patch Tuesday update cycle.

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