Internet Explorer 10 Market Share Doubled, Thanks To Windows 7

There are juggernauts and there are behemoths. And then there is Windows 7. The beloved operating system finds itself firmly on nearly half the computers in the world.

It is reasonable, then to expect some fireworks when an application like Internet Explorer 10 is introduced to the user base of Windows 7. And this is exactly what is going on currently on the IE front.

The newest statistics provided by Net Applications for the month of April 2013 show some interesting developments — Internet Explorer 10 now lays claim to 6.02 percent of the market.

This makes it more than double compared to the 2.93 percent of the previous month.

There is a simple reason for this impressive growth, and it goes by the name of Windows 7. Microsoft finally brought the Windows 7 version of Internet Explorer 10 out in the open recently, and a large number of users downloaded and installed the new browser.

It stands to reason that some may even have moved away from both Chrome and Firefox.

While these new numbers paint a rather interesting picture, it will be interesting to see what kind of a growth pattern IE 10 can maintain leading up to the release of next version upgrade of Microsoft’s in-house web browser.

Redmond is currently working on Internet Explorer 11, which is said to ship this summer, with the next version of the Windows operating system, known as Windows 8.1.

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