Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview is available for download

  • Positioned Floats
  • CSS3 Gradients (on all image types)
  • CSS stylesheet limit lifted
  • CSSOM Floating Point Value support
  • Improved hit testing APIs
  • Media Query Listeners
  • HTML5: Support for async attribute on script elements
  • HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • HTML5 File API
  • HTML5 Sandbox
  • HTML5 Web Workers
  • Web Performance APIs:
  • requestAnimationFrame
  • Page Visibility API
  • setImmediate
  • Internet Explorer 10, expected in beta form later this year, will only be available for Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft confirmed in April that it has no plans to offer IE10 to Vista or Windows XP users. Future platform previews of Internet Explorer 10 will be made available every 8-12 weeks. Internet Explorer 10 platform preview 2 is available for download at Microsoft’s IE test drive site. You can check it out here… Check out more details in this video..]]>

    Written by Onuora Amobi

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