Internet Explorer 11 Might Support Both SPDY And WebGL

Nope, hell hasn’t frozen over, and neither are pigs flying, yet. But things are changing fast in the browse market, and one of the most welcome changes is that Microsoft is now a lot more welcoming to web standards.

Internet Explorer remains the only major browser that lives by long update cycles. First Chrome, and then Firefox started the practice of bumping the version number by each rising new moon.

All eyes are on the next major update to Microsoft’s browser — Internet Explorer 11, which is set to launch with Windows Blue. And very naturally, Redmond has some big plans for the upcoming version of the world’s most popular web browser.

We already covered how IE 11 is rumored to use Google’s SPDY technology to load websites faster. But it doesn’t stop here. It appears that the new browser will also offer support for WebGL, the 3D graphics technology.

If true, this will be quite some change of heart from Microsoft.

While everyone and their pet canaries were busy implementing WebGL, Redmond was complaining that the technology was a security risk. Well, so far no one has been infected with malware via WebGL.

Microsoft has been active in bringing both IE9 and IE10 on par with other modern browsers, and while the company still has some unique ideas on how to do things, it is nice to see it playing well with modern technologies that are supported by most competitors.

And more importantly, this is great news for Windows users overall — even for those using other browsers. Once these technologies are implemented, applications other than Internet Explorer will also be able to use the SPDY support.

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