Internet Explorer 11 Said To Use Google Technology To Load Websites Faster

Internet Explorer 11 is one of the major new features of Windows Blue. The upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship browser is said to pack several enhancements to make it more stable and faster than previous versions.

But of all the new technologies, this one is the most interesting.

According to Rafael Rivera of WithinWindows, IE 11 seems to be packing support for SPDY — a protocol designed by Google to load websites faster. Told you it was interesting.

Microsoft has, as of right now, said nothing about Windows Blue or Internet Explorer 11, but a technology like SPDY would nevertheless, help its browser reduce page loading time. Tests show the protocol improving browsing speeds by up to 64 percent.

In case you were wondering, SPDY is not yet implemented in Internet Explorer 11, meaning you cannot take it for spin in the leaked build of Windows Blue.

But the operating system packs several references to this technology — a clear indication that Microsoft’s browser may embrace it at some point in the future.

And what an embrace that would be!

Many more improvements are said to see daylight in Internet Explorer 11. More information will be available come June at the BUILD developer conference. The Windows Blue public beta is also expected to be available as a public beta then.

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