Internet Explorer 12 To Offer Faster Browsing Speeds

AMA session on Reddit and promised to deliver a faster, more streamlined browsing experience with Internet Explorer 12 — at least, as compared to the existing builds of the web browser. Plus, they are also working on offering better security and protection, working closely with the Windows Defender team:

“We work very closely with the Security Essentials/Defender teams to address these issues. IE + SE/Defender will even be a faster browsing experience on Windows.”
A team member further confirmed that they are also looking at some accessibility changes for the next version of Internet Explorer. And although no specifics have been provided, the development team is also planning a substantial amount of bug fixes. Speed improvements are fine, but the big question is whether IE12 can become faster than two of its closest rivals, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome? Microsoft believes it already is, in some ways. But the development team is confident that the newest version of Internet Explorer will take the fight to these two fierce competitors in terms of speed. Would be great seeing some numbers here.]]>

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