Internet Explorer Commercial uses 90s Nostalgia to Lure Back Users

Internet Explorer isn’t exactly the most popular browser these days, especially for the techie crowd. Many of us push the browser aside and use it only to download alternatives such as Firefox or Chrome OS.

That’s why Internet Explorer is attempting to lure back some of us that have gone astray and switched to other browsers. How? Through the power of nostalgia.

The new Internet Explorer commercial takes us back to the good old 90s and to things like dial-up modems, Pong and yoyos. Ultimately it points out that many of us moved on to other browsers. It ends saying that those of us that grew up in the 90s have changed quite a bit and that “you’ve grown up, and so have we”.

The campaign commercial is actually not half-bad and I truly enjoyed watching it, something I normally can’t say for Microsoft commercials. Will it work? For some yes, for others we will think back to some of those fads from the 90s and smile for a minute, and then realize we are glad we grew out of them– that will include IE for some.

I will tell you though, after watching the ad for the first time yesterday, I took IE 10 for spin after basically ignoring IE for the most part for the last five years (beyond REALLY limited use).

My opinion? It certainly has improved quite a bit. Enough for me to ditch my current browser? Not sure yet. I’m going to give IE the benefit of the doubt though and try it out for a few more days before deciding for sure.

Have you recently gone back and tried IE out? If so, what do you think? Is it worthy of being your primary browser or not?

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