Internet Explorer Keeps The Crown In Latest Net Applications Rankings

The way the two biggest market watchers, Net Applications and StatCounter, keep tabs on the browser market is one of the prevalent mysteries of the technology world.

We recently covered how StatCounter placed Microsoft’s browser second in the list.

But from where Net Applications is looking at things, Internet Explorer maintained its hold on the browser market worldwide, thanks to a strong showing of both version 8 and 9 of the software for the month of April 2013.

Internet Explorer 8 takes the leading position among all the versions of Internet Explorer, thanks to its 23.08 percent market share. Internet Explorer 9 was the second most popular version number last month with 18.17 percent.

Chrome 26 found itself third overall with a market share amounting to 13.22 percent.

Firefox 20 was the most popular version number of Mozilla’s browser. It came in next, and is installed on no less than 9.57 percent of the computers the world over.

Internet Explorer 10 was the browser that posted the biggest gain in the past month. The newest version of Microsoft’s in-house browser reached a record 6.02 percent. Its next target clearly is overtaking IE 6 — a vintage browser version released first with Windows XP.

While Redmond is all too keen to kill of Internet Explorer 6, it still enjoys a market share of 6.22 percent, mainly due to its popularity in China.

If all goes according to plan Internet Explorer 10 will overtake Internet Explorer 6 by the end of May.

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