Internet Explorer Lead Talks About IE 11 Improvements

With its Windows Blue lineup on the horizon, Microsoft has intensified its efforts of promoting its latest browser, Internet Explorer 11, which is set for arrival as the default browser in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1.

The software titan claims that as of right now, IE 11 provides an absolutely unmatched web experience, something that other competing solutions cannot offer.

Dean Hachamovitch, the Internet Explorer lead, talking to TechRadar, explained that version 11 of Internet Explorer comes with several improvements that make the program not just faster, but a fair bit more reliable. As he explained:

“Other browsers run here, there and everywhere. They don’t run with excellence in any one particular place or on any one particular device – and that is an opportunity.

When you put an old browser and an old browser interface on any of these shiny new devices – on a tablet, on a hybrid – you’re going to run into some problems. You’re going to run into a little bit of fail. You’re going to notice when you browse with these other devices and other browsers that you don’t have the responsiveness you have in IE 11, that you don’t have the performance you want.”

In case you were wondering, a dedicated Metro version of Firefox has long been in development, but its release is still some leagues away — leaving Inter Explorer as the default king of the hill on touch.

IE 11 will continue being offered in two different flavors, one with a standard desktop UI, and another one that makes use of everything that the Metro environment has to offer. The browser is currently available in test form in the public preview build of Windows 8.1.

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