Internet Explorer Maintains Second Place In Latest StatCounter Data

Statistics often have a funny, polarizing side to them, particularly if the data sample is limited. This practically is the case with web browser usage statistics, which frequently provide conflicting numbers.

Tallying web browser usage is, after all, a massive task with a huge number of variables involved.

Its stands to reason then, that some sources put Internet Explorer as the de fact king of the browser world, while other have Microsoft’s in-house web browser in the second place. This seems to be the case with the newest figures provided by StatCounter.

The latest data revealed by the market researcher confirms that Internet Explorer was the second most popular browser for the month of April, with a market share of 29.76 percent.

Chrome led the charts with 39.11 percent.

Mozilla Firefox was good enough for third place with a 20.03 percent share of the pie, while Apple’s Safari rounded up the top four with an 8.01 percent global market share.

Breaking down the numbers by individual versions, Internet Explorer 9.0 is the most popular version of IE, and is currently installed on 13.41 percent computers the world over. Internet Explorer 8 follows with 9.29 percent.

Internet Explorer 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s browser that is available both for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users has upped its market share to 6.2 percent.

A look at the competition reveals Firefox 19 at 5.54 percent and Chrome 25 at 1.91 percent.

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