Internet Explorer To Get Features Like Web Audio, Media Capture, HTTP/2 Soon

website, where they plan to highlight new features for upcoming versions of Internet Explorer. Features like Web Audio, Media Capture, HTTP/2 and more. This recent blog post talks about the development of these features, along with how the IE team is working to improve the browser in terms of security, backwards compatibility and, of course, modern HTML5 features. Here you go:

“These features form a part of our commitment to delivering interoperable implementations for the latest features on the modern Web. The current list of features “in development” is not an exhaustive representation of what we will deliver in the next version, but an indication of what we currently have highest confidence in delivering.”
The company promises to share more details on how it plans to make these priorities a reality in the coming months. And we are all ears, really we are.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan


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