Interview with Brendon Lynch, Microsoft's chief privacy officer It’s a fascinating but brief interview where you can get a feel for Microsoft’s view on security. A sample:

Bing recently began letting users sign in with Facebook and share search results. Do you handle social media any differently? People have to opt in to any experience where search results are shared. Also, Facebook requires users to be 13 or older to access its services, whereas Bing’s social search features will only surface results for users who are 18 or older. What exactly is Microsoft’s philosophy on user privacy? It’s what we call “privacy by design”; privacy should be built into our products and services from the ground up. A centerpiece of our program is the privacy review process, which enables engineers and product designers to assess the privacy implications of new products from the earliest stages of development. We have about 50 full-time privacy professionals at Microsoft, and roughly 2,000 privacy reviews are conducted each year.
Once again, it’s a brief and interesting read..]]>

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