six figure website ( a site called Windows Vista Update) It’s still there today, go check it out. It didn’t look great but I was beginning to figure out how this thing worked and eventually it was able to make enough money for me to take this seriously. Anyway, several very profitable websites later, I now work for myself, have quality time with my family and am able to make a very decent living right from my own office in Pasadena, California. While that’s a great story for me, I always wanted to share my experiences learning how to do this. You see when I started, there were no guides or tutorials and no one to show me what I was missing. It was purely trial and error. Well, I decided that if I ever got successful enough at this, I would reach back and try and help others live their dreams as well. I’d like to introduce you to the first step in that process.

The Social Media and Internet Tools Workshop

You can see the details here. I’m teaching a small group of would be online entrepreneurs how to do what I did, unplug from the matrix and start their own online businesses. You can see more about the methodology behind the workshop in this video below: The internet changed my life and gave me a level of freedom and flexibility that is unimaginable for most people. I’d like to share that with you as well. Once again, check out our Workshop in Pasadena this January. This is all the education and instruction that I wish someone gave me when I was starting out. Please feel free to share this with anyone who ever wanted to learn how to “build websites and make money from that”. Thanks for your time. Onuora]]>

Free Windows 10 Training Videos

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