Introducing the Windows 8 Forums

December 16, 2010

I am proud to introduce our Windows 8 Forums to this site.

This site is for you – the reader, to express yourselves and talk amongst yourselves about the upcoming changes that are coming with Windows 8.

There are a bunch of forums available on our board.

  1. Windows 8 websites – Lets suggest the best websites for Windows 8 News
  2. Windows 8 rumors – Lets talk about the newest rumors and gossip for Windows
  3. Windows 8 Server – What should a Windows 8 Server OS look like?
  4. Windows 8 Tablet OS – Should Windows 8 be a tablet OS?
  5. Windows 8 tips – Tips and rumors about Windows 8
  6. Windows 8 competitors – Lets talk about some of the competitors to Windows 8
  7. Reader Suggestions for Windows 8 – What do you wanna see in Windows 8
  8. Windows 8 Architecture – This is dedicated to discussing the internal architecture of Windows 8
  9. Windows 8 News – News and Rumors about Windows 8
  10. General Discussion – Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board

Take some time to leave your feedback about Windows 8 on the forums..

Here’s the link to the forums…



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