IObit Uninstaller 8 Review

IObit Uninstaller

We live in interesting times! Times when you have dedicated programs to uninstall your installed programs. IObit Uninstaller 8 is a tool that specializes in removing software.

But its functionality goes beyond that, far beyond.

Sure, you can get similar capabilities with the classic “Add or Remove Programs” feature in Windows, which has been a mainstay of the OS since pretty much the beginning. But what separates this IObit solution from the default one is how it tracks and eliminates any leftover components — files, empty folders and registry entries that remain on disk after the uninstall process is complete.

So, is IObit Uninstaller worth an install? How about upgrading and paying for the Pro version?

Let’s find out in this short review.

IObit Uninstaller

Enter IObit Uninstaller

If you deal with a lot of programs on your Windows computers, then you are sure to be ticked off whenever an uninstaller informs you that it left detritus behind for you to deal with. Almost all programs leave some files when they remove themselves, usually by design.


Enter IObit Uninstaller, with its special set of skills to help you with this.

Upon starting the program, it scans your PC for installed programs and then presents them in a neat list for you to go through. You are provided details like size, the date it was installed, as well as developer information. You can also scan for programs from the main screen, or filter to show recently installed programs. This is very handy if you have started experiencing errors on your computer and suspect that a newly installed application may be causing them.

IObit Uninstaller makes it easy to locate large programs, and software that you use infrequently. There is also a very handy batch uninstall option that you can use to select multiple programs and swiftly eliminate them in one click.

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller features

Aside from applications, this IObit creation comes with separate functionality for inspecting and removing toolbars and plugins from web browsers. All the major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer are supported. You can also count on it to uninstall faulty Windows Updates and modern UWP apps.

Worth a mention, though, that the database of the Free version is not as complete as the one available in the Pro variant of the program. And this means that it will miss out on cleaning some of the more stubborn applications, unless you upgrade.

IObit Uninstaller

The Uninstall Process

As for the performance, everything is snappy as expected. The program loads up fast, scanning is swift, and it takes care to remove all associated files that may have been left behind. You can easily remove unnecessary programs, Windows software, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, malicious ads and plugins, all from one neatly designed window.

For some applications, IObit will list a “Quick Uninstall” option, which is free of distractions and you will not get any popup panels for confirmation to proceed. For others, you will get the “Forced Uninstaller” feature that can be useful in terminating invasive and hard to remove applications.

Whichever programs you choose to remove, IObit will first run its own uninstaller and then perform a through scan to hunt down leftover entries and temporary files. If that is not possible, it will go with the default uninstaller provided with your chosen software, though this does mean that the process will require user intervention, and will not really save you any time.

IObit Uninstaller

Bells and whistles

The newest version of IObit Uninstaller packs in a new Bundleware uninstall feature. This notifies you of any bundleware events that creep up during app installations so you can eliminate their deployment at the source. Of course, there is also a special category for unwanted bundled programs

Lastly, you also get access to the Software Updater module, which can be used to keep installed applications up to date. It is not as feature rich as some of other dedicated software updater, but for a free functionality, it is hard to complain.

It will be an injustice not to spend a few words on the look and feel of IObit Uninstaller.

One of the more stylish programs around, IObit has packaged together powerful options in what is a very attractive, neatly organized and highly intuitive interface that both casual and power users alike are sure to appreciate. To add to the allure, tasks are carried out rapidly while consuming the minimum amount of resources.

Hard to fault the company here.


IObit Uninstaller stands tall as one of the best uninstall utility around. The Free version is all most people would need to keep their PC clean and secure by getting rid of stubborn and intrusive applications. A Pro upgrade amps up the functionality even further, and is well worth the ticket for power users.

Stylish, modern UI
Snappy performance at all times
Can uninstall even the most stubborn programs
Bundleware removal and software updater
Bigger database only available with Pro version
IObit Uninstaller 8

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