Is ASUS Precog The Future Of Windows?

Microsoft is believed to be working on a new foldable device that uses two or three different displays, but so are others. ASUS Precog is a sign that companies are moving ahead fast with this concept.

We also know that Dell is pondering such a device.

However, the Precog concept that ASUS showed off at Computex 2018 provides us with what is an early look at what the Microsoft Surface Phone is supposed to be.

If it is called that, at all.

Okay, less talk more show, so here is a gallery of this new kind of device:

As you can see, Precog is a device that supports several form factors, whose purpose changes depending on the angle and the position of the two screens. Basically, instead of a traditional laptop design that comes with one screen and a keyboard, it uses two different displays.

Displays, which automatically adapt their role to their positions.

That is to say, Precog can be used as a regular laptop where one screen becomes a keyboard, while it turns into a tablet when two screens are fully open. Depending on its position, it an also serve as a second monitor, and in tent mode it becomes a device that you can draw on or watch movies.

The following video also shows what the hype is all about:

Long story short, a bunch of innovative technologies are at play here, including what is called the Intelligent Touch feature that makes it possible to adjust to your settings on the fly. In other words, makes the interface automatically change based on the angle and position of the screens.

The real magic that is happening underneath is because of Windows 10 — the Andromeda OS technology, so to say.

No details have been provided on Precog will make it to the market.

But apparently, ASUS is working with Microsoft on this project. And if Redmond does get around to launchings its new Surface mobile device, there is a pretty good chance that the ASUS creation may get the greenlight as well.

For now, we wait.

In amazement.

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