Is HP playing with Windows 8?

Is HP playing with Windows 8? Microsoft launched Windows 8 preview and it was capable of running on both PC’s and tablets. Many tablet manufacturers seem to be taking a keen interest in expanding their business with Windows 8 and HP is no exception. Hewlett Packard (HP) had released its consumer-oriented touchpad earlier this year, which failed severely in the market, and its production had to be stopped within 2 months of its launch. HP is trying to renovate its touch pad by testing the Windows 8 operating system in it. Earlier, HP had designed its own operating system along with the tablet known as WebOS. Due to reduced demand, HP was forced to lower its tablet prices and since then, there has been a considerable demand for HP tablets and hence they are expected to stage another round of manufacturing tablets. In order to get rid of stock, HP was selling the touch pad for a price as low as 99$ and hence it was sold off rapidly in USA and Canada. HP is still uncertain whether they should continue the development and enhancement of their WebOS or whether they should merge their tablet hardware with Microsoft. One of the ways by which HP can compensate for its losses with the touch pad is to scrap the WebOS operating system and try Windows 8. Currently, HP is in talks with HTC, LG, Nikon and Amazon regarding the sale of their tablets. Since Windows 8 supports ARM architecture, HP’s touchpad is capable of running 1.2 GHz processor and will be HP’s first tablet supporting Windows 8. With changes in top level management of HP like replacement of the CEO Leo Apotheker with Mig Whitman, HP has been busy formulating new strategies to capture the market. According to Fox news, as of now HP will continue the manufacture of PC’s. According to Whitman, HP is collaborating with Microsoft and will release the tablets next year and plan for profit for the upcoming years 2013, 2014 and so on. Based on its earnings reports that will be released this November, HP will announce its future plans. HP has decided that it will be a part of the tablet business and the WebOS team is working hard to determine the scope of their operating system in the upcoming years. One strategy that can be adopted by HP is to sell tablets with WebOS and manufacture a new line of tablets with Windows 8. This will not only retain their old customers but also open new sections of the market. Let us hope, as consumers we get to see Windows 8 based tablets from HP.]]>

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