IS it time to look past Windows 8 to Windows 9?

OK I’m not really trying to start some sh*t here but it’s a valid question that people are starting to ask me.

I’m starting to get the glazed look in the eyes when I ask about Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and people have begun to say that they are looking ahead to Windows 9 to see what Microsoft will do.

I’m starting to wonder what a new version of Windows would offer to the masses differently from Windows 8.1.

Separation of the desktop from Metro

So I  have been told that Metro/Modern/Whatever is here to stay and will never be divorced from Windows. For better or worse, Microsoft have made this bed and are going to fully lay in it.

I remember that I used to think there should have been multiple SKUs of Windows 8.

  • Windows 8 Desktop
  • Windows 8 Hybrid – Desktop and Metro for Tablets
  • Windows 8 Metro for tablets
  • Windows Phone 8

etc etc

This wont happen because Microsoft have consistently refused to let people choose only the desktop. They (correctly I might add) assume that people would not switch to Metro/Modern if they had a sole desktop alternative.

I have to be honest and say that I honestly have NO CLUE as to what Windows 9 could or should offer. It feels like Windows 8/Windows 8.1 hasn’t even had enough time to really settle and that a Windows 9 might be premature.

The problem is, Microsoft is setting itself up for rapid application delivery and they are trying to condition the public to expect more releases, sooner and more often.

This is the fun part – I don’t have to have the answers – thats what YOU’RE FOR.

Use the comments below and answer the following two questions:

  1. Is it time to start looking past Windows 8.x?
  2. What do you most want to see in Windows 9?
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