Is Microsoft Actually in Third Place in Computing Devices?

In most people’s minds, Microsoft is the undisputed #1 in computing, although facing serious threats from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in smartphones and tablets.

However, a new report from Goldman Sachs and IDC goes ahead and ranks Microsoft third in “computing devices”, after Google and Apple.

Computing devices – as Goldman Sachs/IDC put it – includes not only PCs and notebooks, but also smartphones and tablets. Not only that, but Goldman Sachs/IDC have projected numbers right up to 2016 and see the gap between Microsoft and the top top 2 growing, not shrinking.

How many devices are we talking about in this comparison? Consider that 139 million Internet connected devices (primarily PCs) shipped in 2000, but guess how many shipped in 2012?

To read more about the breakdown of these devices, for the rest of the story and what it means for Microsoft, click here.

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