Is Microsoft Bringing Ads To Windows 10 Mail App?

Looks like ads are coming to Windows 10 big time! It seems that Microsoft is actually thinking about bringing ads to the Mail app, one of the most used applications in the operating system.

As a matter of pure fact, Redmond has started testing this controversial Mail app update.

As noted, Insiders are likely seeing advertisements in their inboxes. And by the looks of things, this is not a feature that users can simply out of. The ads are baked into the application, and the only way to get rid of them is to, well, give up the on app entirely.

Unusual as it sounds for an app developed by Microsoft for its OS to come with ads, there is a sure chance that millions of Windows 10 Mail app users could soon receive this update.

This screenshot shows the ads in the main UI, right above the latest email part of the inbox:

Windows 10 Mail App Ad

Now, admittedly, Microsoft runs ads in the News app or the various games it has developed for Windows 10. But this is a change that may irk users and has the potential to shrink the user base of the default mail app in the operating system.

Simply because there are many email clients out there that are not only available free of charge, but also don’t show any ads.

Of course, it may well be that this remains an experimental feature.

Which it is, at this point in time.

But this does raise some questions about Microsoft’s approach towards Windows 10 apps, as this is not the first controversial change that the company planned for the Mail app. It previously announced that users would be forced to open links in the Edge web browser, by default.

That policy was changed after user backlash.

We’ll see what happens with this.

What are your thoughts here? Okay with a few ads scattered here and there? Rr would you like the company to provide more options and control here? Let’s hear it!

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