Is Microsoft considering buying part of Nokia's mobile phone business?

Update: Nokia has claimed that the rumor is “completely baseless”. Stay Tuned. Microsoft is rumored to be readying a deal to purchase Nokia’s mobile phone business. The deal, valued at $19 billion, would have been unthinkable just six months ago but these days anything is possible. BGR reports that industry insider Eldar Murtazin, famous for revealing a number of Symbian devices and the original Windows Phone Nokia deal, has claimed Microsoft and Nokia talked numbers last week. “One small software company decided last week that they could spent 19 bln USD to buy a part of small phone vendor,” wrote Murtazin in a tweet on Tuesday. “Thats it,” he added. If Murtazin, and it’s a big if, is correct then it ties up Microsoft’s plans for Nokia and its recent Skype deal. The finish phone manufacturer revealed on Tuesday that its second quarter outlook isn’t great. The phone maker downgraded its own outlook and expects devices and services net sales to be “substantially below” its previous estimates. The revelations saw the company’s stock drop by 15% in morning trading on the NYSE. Source: Winrumors    ]]>

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