Is “Microsoft design style” the final name for Metro?

Index of UX guidelines for Windows Store apps”. It isn’t 100 percent clear whether this name will refer to the design language or the start screen UI as well. I like the direction Microsoft is taking the new interface they are introducing– but I’d like have things straightened out a little when it comes to knowing what to call this thing. If some online sources and manuals are calling it “Microsoft Design Style” and others are calling it Modern or even Metro, there is potential for confusion. Sure, most non-techies won’t care and will likely just call it the Windows 8 Screen— but I’d still like to see some consistency from Microsoft here. I’m at the point where I am starting to just refer it to the Start Screen and Start Screen apps. What about everyone else? Anyone still calling it Metro, or what term has ‘stuck’ for you? [ source ]]]>

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