Is Microsoft Developing A Chromecast Rival?

working on a similar device, which is going by the name of Microsoft HD-10, and it could be revealed soon, as it has just recently passed through the FCC. microsoft_chromecast_rival_a Redmond already is one of the many companies that support Miracast, a technology that allows users to share content between two devices using just a wireless connection. And support for Miracast is available on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The company even brought support for this technology to Windows 8.1, via the August Update. And now branching it into a dedicated multimedia dongle only makes sense — not just because of the fact that Chromecast is a certified bestseller. So this new Chromecast rival that Microsoft is working on would make use of these currently popular and prevalent sharing and networking standards. Considering just how much Microsoft is looking to pushing into the consumer electronics field, a device like this is the next logical step. And the price? How successful such a device is will depend on its price. And Microsoft is pondering the price tag of $50, which is not all that far away from what other HDMI dongles sell for. So what about you? Interesting in buying this if it eventually gets launched? You know, I am.]]>

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